Samsung, a known legend in world of technology is going to launch its another super invention, that is Samsung Galaxy s11 & samsung galaxy s11 release date is in February.

Rumors are swirling around that new smartphone will surprise us in 2020 with its incredible features. Moreover, the more focus is on its new design, enhanced performance and camera setup.

Samsung always surprised us with its remarkable series of smartphones. That’s why some people are just addicted to Samsung’s smartphones. Following this everyone is hoping to see spectacular features in Samsung Galaxy S11.

Some important specs are here to discuss:


As we know it earlier that Mobile World Congress trade show is the best event to reveal the Samsung Smartphones.

Following this some sources are saying Galaxy S11 is launching at Mobile World Congress event 2020.
Possibly the release date is February 18, 2020. On the contrary but this date is not fully confirmed.


There is not any confirmed news about the price of Galaxy Samsung S11. On the other hand according to previously released models like S10 we can guess the price. Previously Galaxy S10 with larger display screen had a price of $899.

Alternatively Galaxy S10 Plus had a price of $999. Following this we can expect that Galaxy S11 will have same ranges of price.
Contrary to this a 5G twist is about to happen in Galaxy S11. So price of the model offering this type of connectivity will vary accordingly.We expect to see its prices like $1,000 for chipset version.

Another rumor is that Samsung is also launching another cheaper version that is Samsung Galaxy S11 Lite. But this

model may release only in Europe and Asia. Hoping for best!


Samsung Galaxy S11 has an edge to edge, bezel free, perfect and flawless display. It has front camera behind the display panel and without the popup or slide-out camera. Other smartphones got this opportunity of bezel free screen by aiding of popup camera. But now S11 is without slide-out camera and has bezel free screen.

Rumors revealed that its aspect ratio could be 20:9.
May be there will be two screens, a smaller second screen on the back of the phone so you can see below. This would may finish the need of selfie camera.


Rumors have unveiled that Galaxy S11 would have a 108 MP camera sensor along with a 5X optical zoom. So much brighter photos with more good result are on the way to surprise us. Camera setup is designed with partnership of Xiaomi. Other announced camera sensors are 64 MP and 48 MP.

Another sensor that is spectrometery or material sensor will present in Galaxy S11. This feature will allow to analyse the chemical makeup of a given object. For example it would help in examine our health by checking body fat and sugar level also. It will also help out in detection of pills that they are genuine or not , or to confirm alcohol content in any drink.

Moreover, it would be an amazing technology if it works good.


Samsung has decided to integrate the actual Qualcomm 5G modem( 5G chipset, tiny 5 nm chipset) with the mobile processor of Galaxy S11. Furthermore, this new type of chip will have enhanced power and performance. Following this will allow the battery of S11 to stay alive for longer time.


The processor working in it to enhance its performance will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.


Samsung Galaxy S11 will have USB-C system so there will be no slot available for headphone. You have to use wireless earbuds or a dongle in the box that will let you plug in 3.5 mm headphones.

S11 RAM:

The company announced the 12 GB RAM , this would undoubtedly helpful to read memory at quicker rate.


  • No Punch Holes
  • Better photos in dim light
  • To make gestures more natural and real
  • Trench the bend or curved display
  • Avoid accidental touches
  • Different front facing camera arrangements
  • Greater battery capacity
  • More launch colors
  • Affordable 5G

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